Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Scrubber [Level I]

It can be annoying when you have a prim that makes a sound you can't turn off, or produces particles you can't turn off, or has a sit position you can't turn off, or has a texture animation or an omega rotation you can't turn off. Even if the script is removed, the prim's behavior persists. It can drive you crazy.

The Scrubber is a handy script that rids a prim of just about any residual effect of previous scripts and then handily deletes itself. You just open the Edit window, click the Content tab, drag the script from inventory, let go of it, and it does its work in seconds.

About This Blog

Scripting in Second Life is made difficulty by the arcane Linden Scripting Language and even more by the unwillingness of most coders to share their knowledge or their scripts It's as if it becomes double-secret need-to-know if the modify a single line.

My purpose in this blog is to share what I have learned about scripting in Second Life and provide you with free full-permission scripts to use as you wish. I ask only that you not charge others for them unless you significantly modify them. By significantly I mean you add functionality to the script-- not just change variables or chat messages.

Much of the work will be mine. Some of it is in the public domain. When that is so and when I know the author, I will acknowledge the author(s) in text and in the code of the scirpt.

On this blog I will describe scripts and paste the LSL code for you to copy and put in your own prims.  Some scripts will be simple, and some quite complex. I hope there will be something for anyone who wishes to make prims misbehave.

I have dedicated a portion of my Flights of Fancy store to providing scripts in world. Go here to visit my store and here to teleport directly to the scripting area. If you visit shortly after I post this, don't be surprised if there's not much there. There will be more later, I assure you.